Accessible & inclusive

By using subtitles and audio description,
no one is left out

From business presentation to feature film, documentary, YouTube video or livestream; your aim is to reach the widest possible audience with your audio-visual production. By providing subtitles or audio description, your production will become accessible to everyone: in any desired language, for the hearing and visually impaired and for those who watch your video without sound.

Social media subtitling

Increase your campaign’s or vlog’s viewing time

Posting and sharing video content – through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube – has become increasingly popular. In most cases, however, videos on social media are viewed without sound. By providing subtitles, your content will become available to a larger audience and the viewing time will increase. This will increase your audience and include the large group of people who watch social media videos without sound, and your post will also become easier to follow for the hearing impaired.

Audio-visual impairments & digital accessibility

Video productions, events and livestreams can be difficult to keep up with for people with an audio-visual impairment, since they are not able to follow the programme’s visual or auditory context. Subtitling and audio description can make the content available to people with an impairment.


Subtitles for the hearing impaired must be easily legible and compact,  but they must also include a description of other sounds that are important in terms of context. To aid the visually impaired,  we draw upon audio description: a voice-over which, in between dialogues and background noises, provides additional information about the visual context.

We are always looking for talented freelance subtitlers