Additional info about the subtitling course

The text below contains additional information (including the price of the book) and is supplementary to the page that is accessible to everyone else on the website.

You will receive the course book as PDF, so you need Adobe Reader on your PC / Mac.

The price for the course is 50 euro.

The book, as well as the downloads from the server, are secured with a personal password and linked to your IP address.

Let me know if you have transferred the money, then I can send you the course book.

You can transfer the money to this bank account: Iban NL30INGB0009482976 – De Loenhout Holding BV – Hilversum – the Netherlands. BIC of the bank is INGBNL2A

You can pay by PayPal as well. (A Gooij)

One more very important thing: Let me know if you want an invoice and if yes, let me know your VAT number if you have one.


Kind regards,
Gerard van Loenhout

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Why do our course and not of another provider? We are cheaper, and according to people who have also done another course, we are the best 😉