Live subtitling

Real-time translation and subtitling

Subtitling an audio-visual production takes place in the final phase of post-production and always occurs under intense time pressure. But what if you are dealing with a livestream and this requires real-time subtitling, or even subtitling in combination with translation?

Presentations, conferences and livestreams, available to an international audience

Livestreams, accessible worldwide through subtitling


In order to make international events such as business presentations or conferences available to a wider audience, the contents must not only be translated to one or multiple languages, but must also be converted into compact and easily legible subtitles. A specialised form of translating and subtitling, performed under intense time pressure.


For instance, when an international organisation wishes to present its plans to all its locations around the world through a livestream with subtitles. Or a large conference with foreign speakers, for which the multilingual content must be made available to the attendees through translated live subtitling presented on overhead projectors.


Depending on the desired number of translations, inVision will provide one or multiple simultaneous interpreters who will translate the audio content on the spot. This translation will be converted into the desired subtitles by a so-called respeaker or velotypist. So, all livestream viewers and all conference attendees will be able to follow the content perfectly, as a result of having subtitles in their own language.

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