Transparent QuickTime layer

A unique way to import subtitles into your production

Developed and patented by inVision, this technology delivers subtitles as a transparent film!

No laborious editing is necessary due to having to import the subtitles yourself. All you need to do is layer the supplied mov file on top of your top video track in any post-production software like Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere, and your subtitles are ready to go. With a transparent QuickTime layer, all letters are crystal clear and you will have every possible character available to you, which ensures you will not have any trouble with incorrect or lost accent marks. Everything is possible with this technology: cutting individual subtitles, shifting subtitles, or up and downscaling font size.


Try it yourself while editing: Click here for an HD MOV for Final Cut Pro and here for an SD MOV for Avid / Premiere.


Do you already have a file with subtitles and time codes? We can convert it into a transparent QuickTime for you. Contact us here.

In order to provide the clearest possible characters, we provide a ‘transparent mov’ that matches the exact resolution of your (final) video. If it is, for example, for a window on a website, downscaling your HD video project might not be advisable. In that case, ask us for an extra mov that matches the web video’s resolution.

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Text files with
subtitles and time codes

EBU-timedtext is xml and the standard for subtitles by many market parties