Go international

and reach your audience

Expand your target group with subtitles in any desired language

From an Icelandic detective series or an interview with an African chieftain, to a Japanese nature documentary or international business presentation.
InVision makes audio-visual content available to the widest possible audience, regardless of language or impairment. Our specialists translate and compress the production’s audio without losing anything in terms of meaning, resulting in subtitles that seamlessly align with what the viewer is seeing.

Subtitling is a unique specialisation within the discipline of translation, requiring more than an incredibly thorough linguistic knowledge. Cultural context, visual context, reading speed and a range of technical aspects must be considered, too. That’s why inVision has a very wide range of subtitling experts at its disposal who are able to translate from and into every language and who are experts in their chosen fields. That way, we can offer the optimal match between subject or genre and subtitler.

Video files come in many different formats. InVison Ondertiteling can work with any format. Send us your video footage and we will provide the subtitles.

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We are always looking for talented freelance subtitlers