We are inVisionaries - Vertaalbureau voor professionele ondertiteling
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We are inVisionaries

and we are at your service!

Superb planners, translators, subtitlers & editors, for all your subtitling and translation solutions

inVision ondertiteling Walter Groenewegen
Walter Groenewegen MBA
Managing Director
inVision ondertiteling Ron van der Meij
René de Ruijter
Deputy Managing Director
inVision ondertiteling Angela Ettema
Addie Brand
Senior project manager
inVision ondertiteling Joris Croon
Janine van Oostrom-Doodkorte
Senior project manager

We are always looking for talented freelance subtitlers

Tanja van Oven
Project manager
inVision ondertiteling Marion du Fossé
Linda Vermeulen
Project manager
inVision ondertiteling Tessa Jonkers
Ron van der Meij
Project manager /editor
inVision ondertiteling Walter Groenewegen
Tessa Jonker
Project manager
inVision ondertiteling Janine van Oostrom
Guus Karemaker
Subtitling translator
inVision ondertiteling René de Ruijter
Mark Hendriks
inVision ondertiteling Linda Vermeulen
Joris Croon
Subtitling translator
inVision ondertiteling Elsbeth  Zantvoort
Angela Ettema
Subtitling translator
Martina van Amerongen
Subtitling translator / editor-in-chief
inVision ondertiteling Mark Hendriks
Marion du Fossé