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Receive 12.5% discount on subtitling your IDFA documentary.

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inVision Ondertiteling is the proud subtitling partner of IDFA 2023


You are about to submit your documentary to IDFA. We can take care of any subtitling that you may require for your documentary. As partner of IDFA 2023,  we offer a 12.5 % discount on our regular fees. Please fill out our Request for Quotation form and  you will receive our quote by return email.


Also, if your documentary will be screened or broadcast in a non-English speaking country,  we can subtitle it for you in the language of your choice. Here, the same 12.5% discount applies.


inVision Ondertiteling wishes you lots of success with the submission of your documentary. Should you have any questions concerning subtitling, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page or email us at


Should you not receive a quotation within five hours, please call us at +31 35 677 7400.

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