EBU-Timed Text

Text files with subtitles and time codes

The XML standard for subtitles and is supported by many market parties.

InVision can offer you any desired file format: srt, 890, pac, ebu-stl, ebu-tt or txt. Which option is best suitable for you depends on where, how, and in which resolution the video will be shown or published. If you inform us about this, we will supply the file type you need.


EBU-TT, subtitles with time codes

This form of subtitling can be recognised by its XML extension. As of now, there are dozens of similar though different XML formats in circulation. EBU-TT, or EBU-timedtext, however, has become the standard for timedtext and is supported as XML for subtitles by many market parties.

EBU-TT is an initiative by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Switzerland and was formed after the present-day distribution platforms created a need for different broadcasting networks to have a very specific subtitling format. The EBU website.

If you are not sure which XML you need, we advise you to use our transparent QuickTime, which works flawlessly in any editing software.

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